45 investors
can’t be wrong

Industrial park

  • 405 ha of investment areas
  • fully developed, offices for rent
  • special economic zone
  • transport of large-scale elements
    and oversized loads
  • 32 km from seaport
  • 15 km from international airport SZZ
  • 204 km from Berlin airport TXL
  • 4 km from rail track
  • free of charge bus service
  • Institution for Professional Activity
    (from 01.01.2019)
  • 45 domestic and foreign investors

Goleniów Municipality

  • 34.4 k inhabitants
  • 4.4 k entrepreneurs
  • 35 km from Szczecin
  • 185 km from Berlin
  • area of 443 km2
  • 50% covered by forrests


  • in the heart of Europe
  • close to Western Europe
  • close to Scandinavia
  • close to the Baltic Sea
  • on the shortest route linking Western
    and Eastern Europe (E-28)
  • on the shortest route linking Nordic countries and Central and Southern Europe (E-65, E-59)


  • all means of transport
  • direct connection to the European motorway network
  • motorway connection to Warsaw
  • seaports in Szczecin and Świnoujście
  • ferry terminal in Świnoujście
    (connections to Sweden)
  • international airport in Goleniów
  • intercontinental airport in Berlin (2 hours drive)

Human capital

  • labour supply: commune 0.9 k, county 2.8 k,
    region 70.7 k
  • 45 k students in Szczecin
  • good English and German skills
  • developed working culture
  • eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania
  • low average labour costs: 975 EUR monthly (average monthly gross wage
    in the enterprise sector)


  • special economic zone (35 ha)
  • maximum public aid: 35% of investment expenditures (45% for medium companies,
    55% for small companies)
  • local property tax exemptions up to 5 years
  • labour market tools
  • EU funds (central and regional levels)
  • 24/7, one-stop-shop in Goleniów Municipality
We have been informed that once we decide to buy the plot in this area we will receive constant help
in all our activities. The reality proved these words were true. The employees of local authority were interested in our investment at all stages of development. They were as dispositive as they were working for us,
not for the public administration. To cut it short – we have never encountered such intensive engagement
and help like here in Goleniów as well as in the Goleniów Industrial Park.
Gianluca Marcattilii
CEO of Akala Faraone Sp. z o.o.
The choice of Poland as the country in which to set up our new facility was based among other things
on the quality of the staff we can hire there. This country is full of excellent welders.
In addition, since we no longer have to worry about clearing customs now that Poland is a Member State
of the European Union, having a production unit in Poland is not an issue.
All the more since our new plant is only 850 km away.
Yves Faymonville
Managing Director of Faymonville S.A.
I moved the company from Szczecin to Goleniów, to a special economic zone, since I was not able to run
my business in the city due to gas emission constraints. Here, apart from economic incentives,
I have quick access to the motorway that provides connection with the rest of Europe and an airport
which is just 5 km away.
Andrzej Szarycki
CEO of Gryfitlab Sp. z o.o.
It is not a coincidence that we are placing our first Polish factory here in Goleniów.
It is the result of very thorough research and analysis, where all our findings at the end pointed to this region. First of all this site is ideally located to competitively serve our markets.
Secondly, the authorities have been both agile and accommodating in responding to our business development needs. As a third factor, this site provides an excellent platform for future expansions and we have every confidence, that we can realize our future expansion plans here in Goleniów. Last but not least a very decisive factor: here in Goleniów we have found the quality people that are an absolute precondition for success.
Roland Sunden
Former CEO of LM Wind Power Group
We look forward to doing more business in Poland based on a positive experience with professional advisors, fast track decisions and a minimum of bureaucracy. We also foresee a strong growth on the local fashion market. Stylepit has been active in the Polish internet fashion market via the website www.stylepit.pl
for more than 6 months now – and the company is experiencing strong growth in the local market.
We aim to be the leading e-fashion retailer in Poland.
Marc Jeilman
Director in SmartGuy Group A/S

Neuhof bei Naugard
Łozienica in Nowogard County


Building of the water
and sewage system
in the Goleniów Industrial Park

October 2002

LM Glasfiber, a Danish producer
of wind turbine blades,
bought 28 ha of land


The construction of the internal road in GIP (Prosta Street) starts

November 2003

Norpol, a Dutch producer
of mink fur, bought 2,5 ha of land

December 2003

Euro Granit Adamus, a Polish retailer and wholesaler of stone,
bought 9,5 ha of land

January 2004

Opening of the internal road in GIP

April 2004

Spin Group, a Belgian producer
of carpet yarns,
bought 6,2 ha of land

July 2004

MPT Stanro, a Polish food wholesaler, bought 1,9 ha of land

October 2004

Enea to open a new transformer station supplying power to the GIP

January 2005

Lucky Union Foods,
a Korean-Thai producer of seafood,
bought 3,9 ha of land

March 2005

15 ha of land has been included
in the special economic zone
(Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ subzone)

June 2005

GDR, a Polish producer
of corrugated cardboard packaging,
bought 2,6 ha of land

July 2005

Faymonville, a Belgian producer
of special trailers,
bought 4,2 ha of land

August 2005

Vobis, a Polish producer of personal computers, bought 2,4 ha of land

August 2005

Akala Faraone, an Italian producer of aluminium ladders and scaffoldings, bought 2,2 ha of land

August 2005

Polish Gryfitlab bought 2 ha of land

August 2005

Hanse, a German producer of yachts, bought 2,2 ha of land

August 2005

Another 22 ha of land has been included in the special economic zone (KSSEZ subzone)

September 2005

Abena, a Danish producer
of health care products,
bought 1,8 ha of land

February 2006

Rasch, a German producer
of wallpapers, bought 2,1 ha of land

February 2006

sia Biuro Technologiczne, a producer of abrasives, bought 2,2 ha of land

March 2006

Vosschemie, a Polish-German producer of paints,
bought 2,1 ha of land

May 2006

Faymonville opens
its special trailers factory

August 2006

Polish Przedsiębiorstwo
Robót Drogowych Nowogard
bought 4 ha of land

February 2007

Integropol, a Polish producer
of ice cream,
bought 1,1 ha of land

March 2007

Abena opens
its health care products factory

May 2007

ProLogis, an American logistic operator, bought 20,6 ha of land

June 2007

HG Poland, a Danish producer
of fur farming equipment,
bought 3,8 ha of land

June 2007

Best Advice and Investment,
a Danish producer of meat,
bought 2 ha of land

August 2008

PRD Nowogard opens its bituminous mass production plant

November 2007

“The Golden Site” for 16 ha
of investment land by the Polish
Information and Foreign Investment Agency

March 2008

The development of the Goleniów Industrial Park declared by Forbes
as the event of the year

July 2008

KTS, a German producer of plastic containers, bought 2 ha of land

August 2008

sia Abrasives opens
its abrasives factory

August 2008

PRD Nowogard bought another
1,8 ha of land

September 2008

Faymonville opens
its second production hall

October 2008

Nafa, a Canadian-Dutch company, bought 0,9 ha of land

January 2008

VTS opens its tranport base

March 2009

Another 31 ha of land has been included in the special economic zone (KSSEZ subzone)

July 2009

Glancos, a German producer
of cosmetics,
bought 0,6 ha of land

July 2009

Dancook, a Danish producer
of charcoal,
bought 2,3 ha of land

August 2009

Gaz-System to start building
a gas pumping station in Budno

October 2009

Pol-Glass, a Polish producer
of aquaparks equipment,
bought 1,5 ha of land

November 2009

Nafa opens its fur trade centre

December 2009

Stok Emballering, a Danish producer of corrugated cardboard packaging, bought 1,3 ha of land

October 2010

The GIP increases by 12.7 ha
with the purchasing of forest land
from the Kliniska Forest Administration

November 2010

KTS opens its plastic
containers factory

November 2010

Andaro, a Polish transport company, bought 0,8 ha of land

November 2010

DPL Transport Spedition,
a Polish company,
bought 0,7 ha of land

May 2011

Stok Emballering opens
its corrugated cardboard
packaging factory

May 2012

Pol-Glass opens its aquaparks equipment factory

May 2012

Dancook opens its charcoal factory

November 2012

Water drainage built in the GIP

January 2014

„Business Gazelle” for Dancoal

February 2014

German logistic operator
DB Schenker opens its distribution
centre in ProLogis hall

September 2014

Construction completed
for the cycle route
from Goleniów to GIP

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