20th Anniversary of the Zone

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. The Goleniów Subzone is a part of the Goleniów Industrial Park.

15 companies have been operating in the sub-zone, in the GIP, including Abena, Akala Faraone, Chemical Alliance Polska, DPL, GDR, Gryfitlab, HG Poland, LM Wind Power, MLS, NAFA, Pol-Glass, Rasch, sia Abrasives, Stylepit and TTS. The majority
of them enjoy exemption from the corporate income tax, which is a core incentive
to operate in the special economic zone. In total, the companies employ about
2.3 thou. people. Next year, two more investors are expected to join in, namely Danish Bestseller (clothing fulfilment centre) and local Krause (production of animal feed). Both will employ 1,640 people. Still, over 11 ha of land in the SEZ are prepared for future investors.

On Monday, 2nd October, in the Gorzów Philharmonic House, an official gala was held to celebrate 20th anniversary of the KSSEZ. Krzysztof Kielec, the President
of Board, summarised achievements of the company. The latter was established in 1997 and initially included investment land in two municipalities. Until today,
it has grown to 57 sub-zones in three Polish regions of Lubuskie, Westpomeranian and Wielkopolskie. The total area of sub-zones is 2,201 ha. During the 20 years of its operation, the board of the KSSEZ issued 327 permits to operate in the zone.
The largest invested capital by country originates from Germany 37% and Poland is second with 27%. The total investment in all sub-zones is in excess of PLN 8.1 bn.
The employment in the Zone has exceeded 32 thou. people. Lead industries
in the KSSEZ include automotive, paper, timber, plastics and electronics.

One of the main objectives for establishing the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone in 1997 was to counteract structural unemployment in Western Poland. After 20 years of operation, the Zone reduced unemployment in cities virtually
to the zero level. At the moment, the company concentrates their effort to attract highly technologically intensive investment that guarantees not only rapid development of industry but also promotes higher education. The company is engaged in a corporate social responsibility programme in the region
and the development of vocational education.