4:3 for the Municipality

Adverse weather accompanied the first half of a football match between
a team comprising employees of companies based in the Goleniów Industrial Park and those of the city hall and municipal companies, the latter supported by the Deputy Mayor Tomasz Banach.

Torrential rain remained with footballers for the first 20 minutes of the match
and initially seemed to act in favour of the GIP. However, 1:0 for the Park did not last too long and the municipal team quickly recovered and gained advantage over their rivals (3:1). The match ended at 4:3 for the Municipality of Goleniów.

After more than 40 minutes of tough struggle, it became clear why a match taking place on only a half of the pitch at the Goleniów stadium took so short. Both footballers and organisers must have been in a hurry to enjoy the main prize
for the winners, namely a barrel of beer.

The match involving the GIP team and the Municipality of Goleniów took place
on Sunday 15th May as a part of celebrating the 70th anniversary of Ina Goleniów,
the City Sports Club. It is also worth mentioning that the match had its international dimension. The GIP team included players with Ukrainian passports, as well as one old boy of Italian origin and a nick name of Great Hanyssolini.