5 years of Stylepit

The Danish fashion house has celebrated its five-years operation in Poland.
On this occasion, on Friday’s afternoon (20th July), the company organised
a BBQ party for its employees. The weather and people’s sprit excelled.

Today, BESTSELLER A/S, another Danish fashion house, is the 100% shareholder in Stylepit A/S. Both companies operate in parallel in the Goleniów Industrial Park
in one, and finally in two large warehouse and office facilities. Danes have been developing their modern fulfilment centre and a product photography studio.

For the past five years of its operation in Goleniów, Stylepit has been associated
with good working conditions and corporate social responsibility. The blood donor action, registration of bone marrow donors, photos of ‘Exceptional Women’,
and Rock Hard Ride Free 2016 Festival are only some of actions for the local community organised or supported by the Danes.

During the sunny Friday afternoon, awards were given to people and institutions who contributed to the growth of Stylepit in Poland. The awarded parties included the Municipality of Goleniów, and a diploma was handed over to the Mayor Robert Krupowicz.