8 km of new cycling path

The building of the new cycling path has come to an end to connect the Goleniów Industrial Park and Lubczyna. Now, we have almost additional
8 km of safe path for bikers.

The path has an asphalt surface layer of 2 m in length. The design documentation was developed by RDS Multiprojekt Radosław Żarkiewicz, which during
the construction phase supervised works provided. The contractor for the project was Mazur Specjalistyczne Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych, at 26 Prosta Street in Łozienica. The works started on 2nd June 2017, the investment filed for acceptance on 14th December.

The path ends at the administrative boundary of Lubczyna. The path in the town itself is going to be developed under the project of rebuilding Lipowa Street scheduled for 2018. The investment will be implemented by the County and funding will be provided from the ‘Programme of rebuilding a municipal and county road infrastructure’ and a grant from the Municipality of Goleniów.

The total cost of the new cycling path is nearly PLN 4 million, 85% of the eligible cost is funded from the Regional Operational Programme of the Westpomeranian Region 2014-2020, Priority Axis II Low emission economy, Measure 2.1 Sustainable multimodal urban mobility and adaptation mitigating climate changes.