The airport not only for passenger traffic

Waimea Holding S.A., the investor for the Waimea Cargo Terminal Szczecin-Goleniów, has signed the letter of intent with the board of the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport for purchasing a plot of land to develop a terminal. Still this year, Waimea Holding S.A. is going to commence the investment. The cargo terminal made to meet top global standards will provide comprehensive services for the air freight in the Westpomeranian Region. It is going
to be the second cargo terminal to be implemented by the Capital Group
of Waimea Holding S.A.

The letter of intent for the purchasing of a 2 ha plot of land for the Waimea Cargo Terminal Szczecin-Goleniów was signed with the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport in Szczecin on 31st January this year. A modern multimodal terminal of about
5,000 m2 will become an integral part of the infrastructure of the international Szczecin-Goleniów Airport. Being the top-notch cargo operation facility
in the Westpomeranian Region, the Waimea Cargo Terminal Szczecin-Goleniów will meet top global standards providing comprehensive services for the air freight.
The investor has almost completed arrangements with its handling operator.
In Q3 2018, the general contractor should be appointed and the building
of the terminal will follow. The facility is expected to be made operational late
Q2 2019. It is going to be the second cargo terminal by the Capital Group of Waimea Holding S.A. The project cost is estimated in excess of PLN 30 million.

‘The Goleniów-based airport enjoys an excellent location suitable for an air cargo hub servicing West Pomerania, Poland, and the north-east part of Germany. It will be our second cargo terminal in Poland developed in the immediate vicinity
of an airport. While appreciating our first project at the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport,
the board of the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport expressed their trust in our capacity.
We intend to develop a professional terminal and furnish it with the state-of-the-art equipment that will guarantee speedy and efficient air freight handling. We recognise a major potential of the project that is capable of offering effective services
for the rapidly growing e-commerce sector in West Pomerania. Cargo terminals situated in the immediate vicinity of airports pave a natural path for their development. Further growth of online sales and the need to shorten the order lead time translate into growing demand for warehouse space close to airports.
With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, companies operating
in the sector have been facing a number of challenges. One of major success factors contributing to the development of e-commerce is effective logistics and convenient location of a warehouse. Although it is actually valid for any sector, it becomes particularly important in e-commerce’,
 said Andrzej Rosiński, the President of Board, Waimea Holding S.A. ‘Our Capital Group of Waimea Holding S.A. has been specialising in the development of such terminals and warehouses at airports.
We have already planned further projects to be implemented in Poland and abroad’,
added Andrzej Rosiński.

‘The board of the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport has been looking forward to cooperating with Waimea Holding S.A. with much satisfaction and optimism. For several years now, we have monitored the development of the air cargo market. We are fully aware that this is one of air transport branches that will face a rapid growth
in the nearest future. The investment by Waimea Holding S.A. will help the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport benefiting from its advantages. At the same time, based on top cargo handling standards at our airport, we will be able to meet the demand generated by companies operating in West Pomerania and north-east Germany. Those companies have already developed their expertise in cargo logistics in general and e-commerce in particular,’
said Maciej Dziadosz, the President of Board, Szczecin-Goleniów Airport.

‘The short distance to the airport is one of the advantages of the Goleniów Industrial Park comparing with other similar sites,’ said Goleniów Mayor Robert Krupowicz. ‘Thanks to the planned investment not only managers of companies
will fly to our region, but also cargo will be carried by air. Considering
the infrastructure of the Goleniów Industrial Park, air cargo is the last missing piece of the puzzle.’

The international Szczecin-Goleniów Airport is situated 33 km north-east
from the centre of Szczecin, next to the currently developed expressways S6 and S3. It has a railway link with the Goleniów–Kołobrzeg railway line.

The Capital Group of Waimea Holding S.A has been specialising in the building
and renting of modern warehouse and industrial space and cargo terminals made
to meet top global standards. In 2018, the company plans to implement such projects as Waimea Logistic Park Stargard, Waimea Logistic Park Bydgoszcz, Waimea Logistic Park Korczowa, as well as new cargo terminals in the vicinity of airports.