Asprod the best in Barzkowice

100% spelt bread produced by Asprod based in Kliniska Wielkie near Goleniów was ranked 3rd in the competition for the Best Exhibitor in the category
of Foodstuffs during the 29th AGRO POMERANIA 2016 Barzkowice Agricultural Fair.

It was not the only award that went to Asprod. The voivod of the region recognized 100% spelt bread by granting it a title of the Best Product of the Fair.

Agro Pomerania 2016 attracted nearly 900 exhibitors from all over the country
to present their products in Barzkowice. This annual event has been organized
by the Regional Agricultural Advisory Centre Barzkowice and it is very popular
among inhabitants of the region and guest coming from all over Poland. According
to estimates by the organizers, this year, Barzkowice attracted 130 thousand people.