By bus to GPP

From Monday 2nd November on, a free bus line will operate to the Goleniów Industrial Park (GIP). The bus service will be provided on working days from Monday to Friday.

This meets requests of many people working in the GIP, who would like to use public transportation. Mayor Robert Krupowicz decided that the bus line will be established with the cost of its operation covered by the Municipality (like other cost of local public transportation).

The bus route starts at the train station, covers streets of Szkolna, Armii Krajowej and Przestrzenna and ends in the GIP. For more details, see the timetable.

The timetable has been agreed with companies interested in establishing public transportation to the GIP. If needed, the timetable will be altered.

For Goleniów – GIP – Goleniów Timetable, see here.