A bag with diamonds has been open

Six Goleniów based companies have been listed in the prestigious ranking
of Forbes Diamonds 2017. Futrex, Dancoal, Mondi, JMB, Global Trans and Abena have recorded imposing results which translate into their increased value.

Forbes Diamonds is an annual ranking of companies which in previous three years have been rapidly growing boosting their value. The title of Forbes Diamond 2017 means that a company is listed among the best on the Polish market. The Forbes ranking is based on the Swiss company valuation method. Major criteria include profit in 2013-2015, assets value, liabilities and no negative legal issues. Companies in the ranking are grouped according to 16 Polish regions, and three categories
in each group according to the level of income.

Among companies of PLN 50 to PLN 250 million income, Futrex based in Żdżary was ranked the highest (7 position, 31% growth). A diamond can also be produced
from charcoal as demonstrated once again by Tadeusz Redmann and Mariusz Czechowski, Presidents of Dancoal (8 position, 28% growth). Mondi Szczecin, manufacturer of corrugated cardboard based in Kliniska Wielkie, was ranked 16th (17% growth).

A Goleniów based leader in the group of PLN 5 to PLN 50 million is JMB based in Budno (8 position, 51% growth). Global Trans and Abena Polska were listed further in the ranking, respectively 25th (33% growth) and 38th (25% growth).

For the fourth consecutive year, Puls Biznesu recognized Dancoal which received
an award of the Gazelle of Business. This year, the company plans further investment in their production plant in Goleniów. PLN 13 million is going to be spent to develop three new production lines for manufacturing three new products.
For this purpose, the company acquired a new plot of land in the Goleniów Industrial Park.