Barnim and Patron awards distributed

On Friday, 12th January this year, an annual meeting was organised by Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. The main point in the agenda
of the meeting was the Barnim Award giving ceremony which distribute awards by the Mayor of Goleniów and Patron statuettes to individuals
and companies supporting various community-based and cultural events
in the Municipality of Goleniów.

2017 Barnim Awards went, inter alia, to two companies from the Goleniów Industrial Park. One of the awarded companies was Łozienica-based Mazur SPRI for efficient and possibly little burdensome rebuilding of Maszewska Street in Goleniów.
The award was collected by Henryk Mazur, the owner of the company. The laudation was made by Mayor Robert Krupowicz. ‘Last year we provided a comprehensive rebuilding of Maszewska Street and a part of Zakładowa Street. In this particular instance, we were not able to isolate the building site. Dozens of trucks need to pass Maszewska Street to reach companies operating in the area. It was clear
from the beginning of the project, that the contractor would have a difficult task
to perform, since it is not easy to provide earthworks and at the same time maintain the street passable for trucks and individual cars. This time, the contractor managed to combine water and fire together! Mazur SPRI handled that challenge very well. All works went perfect, and there was no even one day with the passage closed to companies based there. We expected a wave of complaints and objections,
but in fact there were very few of them. This means that the work organisation was very good and citizens of Goleniów showed their understanding of the situation.

Another Barnim went also to a Goleniów-based fur company. ‘The future of the fur sector is uncertain, since for unspecified reasons the central government plan
to eliminate the sector. However, we appreciate the sector for creating more
than a thousand jobs for people living in the County of Goleniów, including small villages in the Westpomeranian Region, that have been forgotten by Warsaw.
The company is a reliable payer of local taxes. We also appreciate that the laureate runs their business in a responsible manner and does not give any rise to protests
by inhabitants; the company participates in a number of social activities, e.g. it sponsors cultural and sport events, and the building of playgrounds in rural areas. In 2014, the company provided PLN 400 thousand for the rebuilding of a pitch
at Primary School no. 3 in Goleniów, two years ago PLN 1.6 million for the repair
of a road and building of a pavement in the town of Żdżary. The list of similar projects is long’,
 said Deputy Mayor Tomasz Banach shortly before presenting
the Barnim award to Daniel Żurek, the Director of Futrex Sp. z o.o. based in Żdżary. The award was an expression of the support for the sector in these times difficult
for the sector.

Fifteen Patron Statuettes were distributed among people supporting culture and social activity. Awards went to JF Duet s.c., Restauracja Olimp, Asprod Sp. z o.o., Karczma u Urszuli i Jędrka, PKO BP S.A. Branch in Goleniów, PGK Sp. z o.o.,
GWiK Sp. z o.o., Maciej Tour Sp. z o.o., Olibus Modzelewski Sp. j., LEO Lesław Pawłowski, Intrax Sp. z o.o., HSJ+, FHU Multi Projekt Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., PSS Społem in Goleniów, and Ikea Industry Poland Sp. z o.o.

The presentation of the awards followed a speech by Mayor Robert Krupowicz
who discussed achievements of last year in the Municipality of Goleniów and plans for this year. An artistic performance was given by the Brama Theatre.