Safer trip to Szczecin

This week, the government adopted the National Road Development Programme which provides for closing the hazardous cross roads at Kliniska and building a new node close to the village, as well as rebuilding of the Rzęśnica node and concrete slab section of S3 near Załom.

The Program still needs to undergo local government consultations, but the government of Goleniów will not object to the road investment plans. It is worth mentioning that the tasks already received environmental permits and technical documentation, and are actually ready to proceed with tenders. Those plans were made several years ago but no decision was made to include them in the priority list of investment. Such a decision has just been made.

From the point of view of people living in Kliniska, the most important is the investment project to take place close to their village. The hazardous cross roads with the only pedestrian crossing on an expressway in the country will be closed. Its role is going to be taken over by a flyover developed about 1 kilometre south from the cross roads, immediately after the nearby curve of S3. A system of auxiliary roads will connect Kliniska with the headquarters of Forest Authority, roads going to Stawno and the Pod Kogutem Restaurant. There are also plans to close the dangerous exit to the petrol station on the inbound section going towards the seaside.

S3 will be improved and rebuilt on other stretches towards the seaside as well. On the entire length, the road will have a dual carriage expressway standard.