Budget 2018

Income over PLN 196 m and cost of PLN 238.5 m, including capital expenditure of PLN 85.8 m, are some of basic figures of the draft 2018 budget
of the Municipality of Goleniów. The amount of nearly PLN 25 m is going to be invested in infrastructure of Goleniów based industrial parks.

In the long-term perspective, the development of the design documentation
for Usługowa Street and Produkcyjna Street, respectively PLN 150 thou.
and PLN 80 thou., is expected to enhance the attractiveness of the Goleniów Industrial Park in Łozienica. The building process for those roads, tentatively scheduled in 2019, will provide access to another 10 ha of new investment land enjoying the status of a special economic zone. Next year, plans include Boczna Street (PLN 870 thou.) near the Institution for Professional Activity. Construction
of the latter has continued since summer this year. The next year budget includes PLN 16.7 m for IPA and as much as PLN 9 m of that amount will be provided
from the Regional Operational Programme of the Westpomeranian Region
2014-2020. The list of GIP investment ends with the extension and maintenance
of the rainwater drainage system (PLN 130 thou.).

Next year, the road system in the “small industrial park”, situated in the eastern part of the city, will completely change. The already modernized Maszewska Street will be connected to the rebuilt I Brygady Legionów and Zakładowa streets (PLN 7 m).