You build the hall – we build the road

Once the decision is made about building a production hall at the premises
of the Penitentiary Facility in Goleniów, still this year, the Municipality starts designing a road linking Metalowa and Nowogardzka streets.

The new road will ensure a convenient access for trucks to the hall and the company. Moreover, it will take over some of the traffic from Grenadierów Street, which today is the main access road to companies situated in the vicinity of the Penitentiary Facility.

For a number of years, citizens living at the residential estate next to Grenadierów Street requested the municipality to move the truck traffic elsewhere. The only possible solution is the building of a new road that shifts traffic to Nowogardzka Street near a grade crossing.

A crucial decision on building the hall and establishing production are expected to be made still in this half of the year. It is a precondition to start designing a new road.