More buses going to the industrial park

From today on, it is going to be easier to reach the Goleniów Industrial Park with free public transportation. Three services to the park and two back
will be operated by additional buses.

Those include service from the train station to Łozienica at 5:20 (now also at 5:17), 13:32 (additionally at 13:29) and 21:32 (additionally 21:29). Return services are covered by two buses, Abena at 6:12 (additionally 6:09), Weber 14:12 (additionally 14:09) and Weber 22:20 (additionally 22:17). The current timetable, see here.

Mayor R. Krupowicz responded to requests from commuters to the Goleniów Industrial Park. It happened that the bus did not stop since it was not possible
to take additional passengers on certain routes. This happened on routes capacity
of which has been recently expanded.

Other changes to the timetable are expected in summer, together with a contract made with a new carrier. At the moment, information is collected from Łozienica based investors. Based on that information, in June 2017, the Goleniów Municipality will suggest a new timetable adjusted to changes in the industrial park. For example, a new stop is going to be made at LM Wind Power and trips coordinated with buses coming from the district of Helenów.