Business dimension of partnership with Greifswald

How many Polish communes can boast of such a business cooperation
with their foreign counterparts? A Goleniów based company manufactures halls of yachts which are then fitted in Greiswald.

Obviously, the Polish-German business partnership has not been developed based on an agreement signed by mayors. It is the result of economic rationale. Nonetheless, the close cooperation of the Greifswald based Hanse (mother company) with Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych (daughter company) operating
in Goleniów has continued for thirteen years now.

Today, the Goleniów yacht manufacturing plant has been visited by a delegation headed by the mayor of Greifswald Stefan Fassbinder. A group of twenty, accompanied by mayor Robert Krupowicz and deputy mayor Henryk Zajko
had a chance to see the ultra-interesting production process. Specific work posts were described in greater detail by Michał Pokorski, president of board at TTS.

We have been operating in Goleniów since 2003, and in the Goleniów Industrial Park since 2008, said Michał Pokorski. During those years we received a tremendous support from the city regarding all aspects of formalities and investment process.
We wish other municipalities to present such a professional and hassle free approach to investors.