Business e-Gazelle moves from Szczecin to Goleniów

In the second half of June, Oscar Technology, distributor of lighting and owner of the online shop Oscarlux.pl, will move their operation to the Goleniów Industrial Park.

It has become possible thanks to the support of our friends from Stylepit Poland,
a member of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania. The company rented their warehouse, office space and high storage facility,
said Domicela Kownacka, company owner.

The current seat of Oscar Technology situated in Szczecin could not support further development of the company. Rapid growth in sales on the Polish and German markets boosted demand for staff and warehouse space. The new location will provide for a versatile development. The larger office space will enable enlarging
the team of ten by adding new employees. The high standard warehouse will help increasing the stock and facilitate dispatching.

Oscar Technology became famous in November 2015 when Puls Biznesu, business weekly magazine, announced the ranking of the most rapidly developing SMEs running their business online. The Szczecin-based start-up was ranked third
in Poland, with the 2015/2014 turnover growth of… 1500%. A year later, Oscarlux.pl was ranked 38th, with the increase in the 2016/2015 turnover of 118%. Oscar Technology is one of founding members of the Goleniów-based eBusiness Cluster
of West Pomerania.


Picture: Puls Biznesu