The Business Pearl for the eBusiness Cluster

A rapid growth of the logistics and e-commerce sectors in the Westpomeranian Region has been recognised as the Major Economic Development of 2017.
The award of the Business Pearl was handed over to Zbigniew Kempski,
the President of Board at the Goleniów-based eCommerce Cluster of West Pomerania.

West Pomerania is increasingly more efficient in benefiting from its geographic location. Logistics and e-commerce are some of smart specialisations
of the Westpomeranian Region. A number of leading fulfilment centres have been established in the vicinity of Szczecin, including Amazon, the US, and Zalando, Germany. Moreover, Danish BESTSELLER is preparing their major investment
in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

During the official gala held in Szczecin on Thursday 8th February, yet another Goleniów-based company received an award. It was Asprod, a bakery and pastry company situated in Kliniska Wielkie near Goleniów. The award was presente
for twenty-five years of the contribution to the eco-friendly growth of the company. During this period, Asprod invested over PLN 140 million in the regional economy.
It built an environmentally friendly bakery and a modern quality control laboratory.

Business Pearls are designated in two categories, i.e. Major Economic Development and Business Personality. The competition and the gala are organised by Świat Biznesu, headed by editor Włodzimierz Abkowicz, whereas the promoter of the gala is the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation. Laureates and awarded parties are appointed by jurors, including local scientists and business news journalists.
The team of jurors is headed by Professor Stefan Domek, the Deputy Rector
of the Westpomeranian University of Technology.


Source: www.szczecinbiznes.pl