A carton box for Zalando from Goleniów?

The Packaging Platform at the “Green Chemistry” Chemical Cluster works
on developing an innovative box to be offered to the German e-commerce giant Zalando. Goleniów based members of the cluster are involved
in the development.

The project is supervised by Prof. Artur Bartkowiak, the director of Szczecin Centre
of Bioimmobilization and Innovative Packaging Materials, who participated
in a workshop held on Monday in the Art Academy of Szczecin. The contact
the professor made with the Zalando’s R&D department in Berlin resulted
in a presentation of preliminary results of the project planned during a visit
to Szczecin by the investor on 14th December.

The workshop was moderated by Magda Małachowska PhD, director of the Creative Industries Centre at the Art Academy. The goal was to prepare for the December meeting with the German investor and finding an answer to the following question “How might we help Zalando build great packaging experience?” The workshop attracted representatives of Goleniów based companies including Piotr Serwach.