Central parking and pedestrian and cycling path

The regional government has officially announced the list of investment projects for the Szczecin Metropolitan Area which are going to be funded
from regionally managed EU funds. The list includes four projects that are important for Goleniów.

Out of the total PLN 468 million earmarked for the purpose, PLN 343 million was designated for local government projects. The latter can be considered secured since those projects will not involve a competitive procedure. The largest funding
of PLN 114 million will go to Szczecin. Other municipalities comprising
the Metropolitan Area will receive in total PLN 229 million. The rest of that budget, namely PLN 125 million, will be distributed through a competitive scheme.

The funding will be chiefly designated to investment in transport solutions integrating municipalities in the Metropolitan Area. That group includes all Goleniów based projects. The list approved and published by the Marshal,
the head of the Regional Government, includes the building of the transfer centre
in Goleniów together with a rail and bus station, a transfer centre in Załom with a city bus depot, as well as a car park for trucks in the Goleniów Industrial Park
and a pedestrian and cycling path along Prosta and Produkcyjna streets. Additionally, those provide for rebuilding of road infrastructure in the industrial district
of Goleniów (“behind the track”, in particular streets of Zakładowa and I Brygady Legionów).

Stepnica, yet another municipality included in the Metropolitan Area, will also benefit, since it is going to obtain funding for the rebuilding of Tadeusza Kościuszki and Portowa streets and the building of rainwater drainage system and building
and modernizing lighting in the municipality.

Since the list has been published, project proposals can be filed still this year.