Changes, changes, changes…

Most probably in June this year, the Investment Support Law becomes effective. Its draft has already been adopted by the Council of Ministers
on 20th February. Changes applicable to the operation of special economic zones are revolutionary.

The ‘Polish Investment Zone’ was the topic of a fiscal discussion over breakfast organised on Wednesday 28th March by Deloitte and the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone in cooperation with the Municipality of Goleniów and Abena Polska Sp. z o.o. The meeting attracted to the Goleniów Industrial Park representatives
of companies that may encounter changes planned, including Abena, Akala Faraone, Asprod, BBP, Bestseller, Drobimex, Gryfitlab, Mondi, sia Abrasives and TTS. Krzysztof Wojtowicz, an associate partner at Deloitte, and Andrzej Kail, Director for Marketing at KSSSE, shared their specialist knowledge about the subject.

The territory supported is going to be significantly extended to cover investment sites all over the country, including those without the status of special economic zones. Support will be provided for a definite period, in the case of the Goleniów County it is going to be 12 years, or in the case of SEZ sites 15 years. This new support instrument based on tax exemptions will depend on ratio between
the average unemployment rate in the country to that in a given county. Incentives are going to be available for new investment projects that meet quantitative criteria, including investment outlays (in County of Goleniów, based on recent statistical figures, it is going to be minimum PLN 60 m in case of large companies, PLN 12 m medium-sized, PLN 3 m small and PLN 1.2 m micro-businesses).

Incentives are available also against qualitative criteria, inter alia, creation of highly specialist jobs, investment in sectors supported under the current national development policy, export of products or services, development of sector-based clusters, R&D, investment in areas of high unemployment, size of a company, location of investment, cooperation with vocational schools, advantages
for employees in terms of education and on job training.

The maximum level of support for the County of Goleniów for large companies will be 35% of funds invested. The County of Goleniów is going to remain a part
of the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. A new institution will be established, namely the Zone Council.

Conditions for investment projects previously implemented in special economic zones will remain unchanged.