Chemical Alliance Polska awarded

The Polish-German manufacturer of putty and coatings for the automotive sector, which has been operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park, received
an award from the Marshal of Westpomeranian Region during a Christmas Gala for Investors and Exporters.

On Tuesday, in the evening, in Opera at the Castle, investors received awards
for exceptional contribution to the development of the regional economy in the past year. C.A.P. became one of four companies, next to Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne Police S.A., Freedomes Ltd. and Royal Greenland Seafood Sp. z o.o.

For several years now, Chemical Alliance Polska Sp. z o.o. has been steadily growing in Goleniów employing about one hundred people. The company is eagerly involved in local community initiatives, supporting elected projects implemented
by non-governmental organisations. Still this year, we plan to commence
the building of a modern distribution centre to start operating in May 2016.
Maciej Hanć, the Director of the company, received the award from the Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz.

The annual Christmas Gala for investors, organised by the Westpomeranian Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Centre, attracted more than ten investors
from Goleniów, including Abena, Dancoal, Drobimex, Faymonville, Forankra,
Ikea Industry, Prime Cargo, Serwach, Stok Emballering and Stylepit. In his speech Marshal Geblewicz mentioned tow people who recently lost to the decease, namely – Manfred Michel, CEO at DB Port Szczecin, and Marek Sierżęga, Director of LM Wind Power Blades.