Climb up the competition ladder

Akala Faraone Sp. z o.o., the Goleniów-based manufacturer of aluminium structures and ladders, has qualified to the second stage of the Business Competition of ‘Your Business under the Flag of Success’.

As we can read at www.biznes.wzp.pl ‘the competition committee has just had
a tough decision to make’, and the Goleniów-based company with Italian interest became one of the 30 most interesting micro-, small and medium-sized businesses
in the Westpomeranian Region.

The voting for winners will be a crucial point of the competition. The voting will be open to all inhabitants of the province. On 6th November the website
of the competition will launch a dedicated system based on a stock exchange game. People voting will have an amount of a virtual currency to invest in virtual shares
of their favourite participants. Laureates will be selected by jurors, including representative of large companies operating in West Pomerania: Laura Hołowacz, CEO and co-founder of CSL Internationale Spedition, regional TSL sector leader, Zbigniew Nagay, CEO and co-founder of Radex, a company specialising
in food industry hygiene management, and Sławomir Czumak, Member of Board
in Backer OBR, a global manufacturer of heating components, resistors and heat pump control panels.

The goal of the competition, organised by the Marshal of West Pomerania,
is to promote the province as a location open to new industries and unique ideas that transform West Pomerania towards a modern region, thriving and spreading those ideas in various sectors operating in the region.