Contract for the IPA signed

The Municipality of Goleniów is going to develop the Institution
for Professional Activity. It will be established in the Goleniów Industrial Park to provide about 150 jobs. The investment project is to be funded
from the Regional Operational Programme of the Westpomeranian Region 2014-2020. The official signing of the contract, attended by Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshall of the Westpomeranian Region, Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor,
and future employees of the plant was held in Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o.
on Thursday 9th March 2017.

The building of the plant is expected to facilitate self-reliance among disabled people. The plant will be an important component of the municipal system of social and labour integration. Moreover, the IPA will help rehabilitating and preparing people with disabilities to work on the labour market. The new social infrastructure should enable creating 150 new jobs, including 120 for people with disability. The IPA will provide such services as catering, laundry, maintenance of green areas, printing and household maintenance.

We are about to start the investment that we have been discussing for some time. From the beginning, the discussion involved the municipality, county and parents. We are all aware that the Institution for Professional Activity is an opportunity
for disabled people to gain new competences and develop their inner potential.
My opinion is based on the experience we gained while building the first such plant in the region. It was a plant in Dobra Szczecińska where people with disabilities come to work with a smile on the face and much satisfaction
, said Olgierd Geblewicz,
the Marshall of the Westpomeranian Region. The Goleniów Industrial Park is an ideal location for such a piece of social infrastructure, infrastructure which is going to be used for providing versatile services. I have anxiously waited to put my signature
on the document. This moment is very important for me and I am very glad for two reasons,
added Olgierd Geblewicz.

The investment cost is in excess of PLN 18 million, whereas the EU will provide
PLN 9 million. Construction works are expected to start in the second half of 2017 and their completion is scheduled in September 2018. The first people with disabilities will start their work in January 2019.

It is a tangible effect of a specific aid offered to people with disabilities, in particular disabled young people from Goleniów. Mr. Marshal, I should thank you very much for your cooperation and involvement. It was actually the regional government who inspired us to develop such a facility in our municipality. I think it is one of the most important signatures I have ever put as a mayor, said Robert Krupowicz.

The project will be funded from Axis 9 ROP WR 2014-2020 ‘Public Infrastructure’, Measure 9.2 ‘Social Infrastructure’. The documents providing for the commencement of the project were signed in the presence of representatives of the Goleniów-based association of ‘Invincible’ who are going to become employees of the plant in several months.