Dancoal leader according to Forbes

Dancoal, a charcoal briquette manufacturer based in the Goleniów Industrial Park, was ranked number one by Forbes in the category of companies in the Western Pomerania Region with income of PLN 50-250 million.

Dancoal is an unquestioned leader in the region and was ranked 34th in the country.

The Forbes ranking covered the last 3 years. The assessment included increase in the value of the company, rather than individual indicators like the growth of income or any particular good year of operation. This indicates a very rapid development in a longer period and continued strengthening of the company’s position on the market.

The company has been gradually increasing the range of products manufactured while investing in new production lines and recorded an annual growth of turnover of more than ten percent. The company started from scratch in 2008, commenced production in 2009/10 in leased halls and then developed their own production facility in 2012 and warehouses in 2013. Now the company is well rooted in Łozienica and plans further development of the plant and increase in production still in 2015. In July 2015, the company started building a new warehouse of over 5800 m2.

Companies based in the Goleniów Industrial Park do very well, says Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. Not only did they withstand the global economic crisis, but some of them significantly developed. Dancoal and Abena, and previously Ikea Industry and LM Wind Power Blades, were recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Forbes. Moreover, seven of companies in the Park, including Dancoal, have planned major investment in production and warehousing.