Danish press will write about us

Børsen is a popular Danish business daily published since 1896. It is
an equivalent of the Polish Puls Biznesu. Uffe Hansen, Børsen’s journalist, visited the Goleniów Industrial Park yesterday. He was accompanied by Rune Heidtmann, a journalist from Erhverv Plus, and Anna Werenberg
from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Poland.

The study visit for the Danish journalists in West Pomerania was organised
by the Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Center, the Marshal’s Office.
As mentioned in the invitation, the Westpomeranian Region is known among Danes as “Little Denmark”, partly due to an exceptionally large inward investment by Danish businesses. The goal of the visit was to show innovation and attractiveness
of our region through a series of meetings with selected companies. Those companies included Szczecin-based Autocomp Management, BIC Electric, Fairwind and NCDC. Journalists came to Goleniów to visit the GIP and Prime Cargo.

Prime Cargo is an international company providing a wide range of logistic services. Prime Cargo Poland started its operation in a new hall of 100 thou. m2
in the Goleniów Industrial Park on 1st August 2014. Already at the end
of that year, Prime Cargo Poland handled hundreds of trucks and containers dispatched to various locations all over Europe. In 2015, the team of Prime Cargo focused on integrating new clients, which required the company to double the space of the production hall to 20 thou. m2. A guided tour around the distribution centre was provided for Danish visitors by Oskar Błaszkowski who also responded
to questions asked.

Results of the visit in the form of articles in Danish business press soon.