Discussing taxes over breakfast

Last Wednesday, Deloitte Tax Consultancy hosted a breakfast meeting
to discuss taxation. Invitations were extended to investors operating
in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Nearly thirty companies accepted
the invitation and were represented mainly by their financial directors
and chief accountants.

During the two-hour workshop at Stylepit Poland in the GIP, the host presented
the most important issues regarding the National Revenue Administration (NRA). Legislation pertaining to the new administrative setup included a draft law on NRA and related regulations. The law is expected to become effective as of 1st March this year. NRA will replace previous taxation and customs administrative bodies. NRA will be responsible for public tax assessment, collection and inspection. The new administration will focus on customs and tax inspections, audit and control.

The meeting aimed at presenting consequences of the revenue administration reform. Attendees discussed issues related to new taxation and customs bodies,
as well as their responsibilities and competences. The meeting presented major consequences of the reform and related challenges and threats. Experts
from Deloitte also referred to other issues, such as draft regulations applicable
to the operation of the National Revenue Administration.

The workshop was moderated by Joanna Zawiejska-Rataj, a certified tax consultant, legal advisor and doctor of law, who has been working for Deloitte since 2005.
She is a practitioner with multiple year experience in advising customers regarding the application of Polish and international taxation law, author of various publications on tax consultancy in specialist magazines and a speaker at numerous specialist conferences and workshops. She was involved in a number of taxation disputes supporting taxpayers.

Tomasz Banach, the Deputy Mayor of Goleniów, took that opportunity to meet companies based in the Goleniów Industrial Park and present major local investment projects scheduled in the months to come and having influence on investors. Projects discussed included the building of a road in the park to provide access
to new investment land in the western part of the industrial park, building
of a pedestrian and cycling path along Prosta and Produkcyjna streets, and a car park for a hundred trucks (municipality to apply for building permit in March). The mayor also remembered a flagship project to be implemented in the industrial park
in coming years, namely the Institution for Professional Activity. In just two years,
the IPA is going to be ready to provide the Goleniów based companies with a number of services at competitive prices, including catering, working overalls laundry, maintenance of green areas, car wash for individual cars and utility vehicles, cleaning service and minor manual labour.

The Deputy Mayor also highlighted major investment on the ‘right side of the town’. It includes modernization of Maszewska, I Brygady Legionów and Zakładowa streets which is expected to significantly improve the standard of infrastructure
in the vicinity of Crown Packaging, Forankra, Marsel, Rewair, Seepoint and Serwach.