Dorman human capital

In West Pomerania, the employment rate among people with disabilities
is 15.6% and it is the lowest in the country. This clearly unfavourable situation means, however, that there is a potential for growth.

How can we employ a person with disability? This and many more questions were discussed during a today’s seminar organized by the State Disabled Rehabilitation Fund in cooperation with the Municipality of Goleniów. Answers to questions asked by Goleniów-based employers have been provided by experts from the Fund
and the County Employment Office.

Andrzej Baron, Managing Director at Abena Polska Sp. z o.o. and the host
of the meeting, opened the seminar. Inga Mikee, Legal Counsel of the State Fund, and Krzysztof Kaca, Head of Project Department at the State Fund, led the main part of the seminar. Presentations focused on issues pertaining to employment of people with disabilities and the pilot programme of “Jobs – Integration”. Benefits
of contracting services provided by the Labour Integration Establishment were discussed by Agnieszka Maciejewska, Manager of the Institution for Professional Activity based in Kołobrzeg. Representatives of the Goleniów County Employment Office provided information about funds available for companies.

Agata Wilińska-Onyśko, HR business partner at PDC Logistics Sp. z o.o., attracted special attention of attendees. Her Swedish company, dealing with storage and distribution of motorcycle components, successfully employed two people
with autism. New employees provide stocktaking and keep accounting documents intact. Those presumably monotonous and repeatable activities are carried out
with passion by new autistic employees, and more importantly, without mistakes.
A precondition to be successful in such circumstances is to prepare other employees for cooperation with autistic people, as well as securing internal trainers for the period of initial several months.

Invitations to the seminar were accepted by HR managers and personnel specialists from such companies as Abena, Akala Faraone, BBP, Ikea Industry, Lucky Union Foods, PRD Nowogard, Rhenus Logistics and Stylepit.