E-nsp!ration Day

Making new contacts and mutual inspiration towards new business initiatives were the two goals for the organizers of the meeting held today at hospitable mezzanine of Prime Cargo distribution centre.

On the invitation of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, the Goleniów Industrial Park attracted representatives of companies interested in cooperating
with members of the cluster. The opening speech for the workshop was delivered
by Deputy Mayor Tomasz Banach who remembered the beginning of his mission in Goleniów and reservations of investors from the logistics sector regarding
the location of the Goleniów Industrial Park. Several years ago, locations
in the middle of the country were considered the most attractive by the logistics sector. Since that time the advancement in IT helped boosting the role
of north-western Poland in the growing e-commerce sector. Today, several distribution centres operate in the GIP fulfilling online order from Poland
and abroad. While shopping over the Internet with Stylepit or Zalando we initiate logistic processes which actually start in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Depending
on the time of a year, those processes are taken care of by 400 to 1000 employees. The Municipality of Goleniów is involved in talks with yet another large player
from the e-fashion sector and the talks should be finalised in July this year. All this makes e-commerce a pillar of the Goleniów economy.

Previous activity of the cluster was discussed by its President Zbigniew Kempski, Operations Director in Prime Cargo. For almost a year of the official operation, founding members of the cluster are involved in four projects. The implementation of those projects should produce tangible business results in terms of distribution, HR, procurement and promotion. The major challenge of the distribution project is next day delivery. In the case of a dispatch to Germany, there is no major problem. Problems start occurring when shipments should reach Scandinavia the next day.

Ms. Dominika Bednarek, employee of the Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Centre and the coordinator of the cluster, discussed support offered for exporters
by the IEAC. Then, the topic personal data management and sanctions specified
in the new law on protection of personal data were discussed by Bartosz Dąbrowski and Łukasz Drożdżowski from lawyers firm SDO. It was followed by the presentation of seasonal changes in employment by Artur Sawastian, Chairman of APS Profit Polska. The presentation part of the meeting was concluded by Wojciech Łebiński, the Director of the Department responsible for the implementation of the Regional Operational Programme at the Marshal’s Office. He encouraged everyone to use EU funding designated for companies. The e-commerce sectors fits very well into two regional specializations of the Westpomeranian Region: logistics and services
of the future. This guarantees access to funding from the ROP 2014-2020.

The E-nsp!ration Day ended with a sightseeing of the Prime Cargo fulfilment centre and prize drawing. The lucky winner was Ewa Wymysłowska from Stylepit (wine
from West Pomerania-based vineyard by Turnau) and Maciej Skotarczak from SDO (vinyl record by WAMI, including Igor Gwadera, guitar player from Goleniów). Luckily, two winners had relevant tools to enjoy their prizes, namely a corkscrew
and a record player.