eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania comes true

Friday 11th of March, existing initiative of e-commerce cluster turned
into eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, during founding meeting.

At one of the cluster initiators, Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o. facility, members
of the association took number of resolutions necessary to formalize
the initiative. Now the association will be registered in the National Court Register.

The board was elected: Zbigniew Kempski – Chairman of the Board (Operations Director of Prime Cargo Sp. z o.o.), Jacek Frydrych – Vice Chairman (Managing Director of Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o.), Sebastian Świątek – Vice Chairman (Director
of PDC Logistics Sp. z o.o.), Wojciech Łebiński – Treasurer (Deputy Director
of the Department of Implementation of the Regional Operational Programme
in the Westpomeranian Marshal’s Office) and Paweł Bartoszewski – Secretary (mayor’s advisor for Goleniów Industrial Park).

First members of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania are Prime Cargo Poland (Goleniów), Stylepit Poland (Goleniów), PDC Logistics (Załom), Postpac Poland (Przecław), Oscar Technology (Szczecin), Fiege (Goleniów), HKL Dekoracja Okien (Szczecin) and Goleniów Municipality.

Cluster’s future plans and activities will be presented during two-day workshop
for investors, “Szczecin – Logistic Hub”, organized by the Royal Danish Embassy
and the marshal’s Investors’ Assistance Center. On 21st of April, at Prime Cargo distribution center in Goleniów, the presentation will take place, combined
with a B2B mixer.