About the economy with the Ambassador of Denmark to Poland

Today 18th October, during his visit to West Pomerania, the Ambassador
of the Kingdom of Denmark to Poland Ole Egberg Mikkelsen met the Marshal
of the Westpomeranian Region Olgierd Geblewicz. The meeting focused
on a number of economic issues. After Germany, Denmark is the second largest foreign investor in the region.

Investors from Nordic countries chose Wes Pomerania not only because it is located at the crossroads of international transportation routes, but primarily because
of favourable conditions provided to run their businesses. The region is a home
for companies dealing with production of hearing aids, components
for wind turbines (e.g. Goleniów based LM Wind Power and RewAir) and companies specialising in fish processing. It is estimated that the Danish capital invested
in the province exceeded one billion zlotys.

During his meeting with the Marshal, Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen complimented the previous cooperation. He said that the majority of Danish companies actually started their operation in West Pomerania to continue their further expansion to other regions in Poland. The Ambassador added that Danish entrepreneurs appreciate stable conditions for investment in the region.

During the meeting, Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz highlighted that apart from new technologies and jobs, Danish companies contribute much to the development
of human resources, for instance they promote corporate social responsibility.
He added that that Polish-Danish economic round tables have become a very good tradition and for certain it was worth continuing those meetings.

In Goleniów, more than ten Danish companies have established their operations. They manufacture various products, including hygiene goods, meat, charcoal,
fur animal farm equipment, wind turbine blades and corrugated cardboard packaging, and two companies operate their distribution centres. All of them employ nearly one and a half thousand people.