Employment contracts in progress

Future employees of the Institution for Professional Activity run by the local government are now signing their employment contracts. Initial group
of 12 prospective employees are going to start their work on Monday
3rd December, and others will on Christmas Eve, 24th December this year.

In its start-up phase, the IPA will employ 71 people with disabilities to reach
the target employment of 115. They will enjoy support of another 35 people without disabilities. The IPA will provide a number of services, including working overalls laundry, car wash (trucks mainly), catering, maintenance of green area and various simple works, such as fitting, dismantling, and packaging.
Apart from work, the IPA will provide rehabilitation to its personnel.

The Institution for Professional Activity is the local government response to requests filed for several years to support people who finish their education in special schools and could hardly find any job, since in the county there has been no company employing people with disabilities. The IPA will provide its employees
with the possibility to earn a living and free families from the need to take care
of their disable members for several hours every day.