Entire truth about minks

Mink farms provide jobs to 50,000 people. 10,000 work directly on farms
and 40,000 are employed in cooperating companies.

Futrex, based in Żdżary near Goleniów, employs 105 people, whereas
in the Goleniów Industrial Park, Norpol provides 380 jobs, NAFA 200 and HG Poland 200 to 300 jobs.

We all use natural products, such as shoes, bags, belts or upholstered furniture.

The mink is an ecological animal, since it utilizes a number of animal origin
by-products from poultry slaughter houses and fish processing plants.

If it was not for mink farms, those by-products would require in a significant cost
of their disposal, which then would translate into higher prices for poultry and fish.

While breeding mink every product and by-product is utilized.

Contrary to mineral fertilizers, manure strengthens the soil structure preventing
the deterioration of its valuation class.

Thus, farms protect the environment by preventing exploitation of natural resources.

Minks are farm animals just like chicken, cattle and pigs kept to produce a variety
of goods.

Mink farms support labour integration in rural areas and provide jobs in areas
of high unemployment.

The state budget does not have to subsidise this sector of agricultural production.

Farms and their employees pay taxes to the state budget.

Artificial fur and other products made of artificial fibre are manufactured based
on oil fractions. Processing of the raw material itself causes emissions of noxious substances, such as dust and gases, to the air.

After their life cycle, artificial products remain at landfills for hundreds of years.

Using biodegradable products, including natural leather, helps reducing waste generation.

Only natural products can actually be referred to as ecological.

Mink farmers certify their farms to maintain high production standards.

73% of Poles approves mink farms, providing they operate in line with the law.

Since there are a number of myths about mink breeding, mink farms decided to stay open all year round for visitors. Call them and arrange a meeting.