An exceptional tribute to Marek

We are going to commemorate one of those who contributed the most
to the development of the Goleniów Industrial Park. Marek Sierżęga, the first plant manager at LM Wind Power Blades (Poland) Sp.  o.o., passed away after
a long illness in November last year.

Apart from work, he was a passionate hard rock fan. For this reason, the second day of the Rock Hard Ride Free festival, to be held in the Goleniów Industrial Park
on 24-25 June, has been designated to commemorate him.

Since I know Marek’s music tastes, I am sure he would love to go to the concert
by Raven and Saxon himself. It was a music of his youth and he eagerly talked about it,
said Krzysztof Krzyżanowski, interim plant manager at LM Wind Power,
and Marek’s colleague and friend for many years.

The organizer for Rock Hard Ride Free is the Goleniów Bikers Association.
The initiative attracted a number of sponsors, partners and media patrons, all together over fifty companies and institutions based in Goleniów and vicinity.