Faymonville secures further extension

On Monday, 7th December this year, Faymonville Polska Sp. z o.o. purchased
4.5 ha of land in the Goleniów Industrial Park from the Municipality
of Goleniów through a competitive tender. The land is earmarked for further development of the company.

The company will pay PLN 1.73 million plus VAT. A notary public deed is going
to be signed still this year.

Although as yet, Faymonville does not have specific plan to extend their facilities
in Goleniów, further development is planned in the future. The purchase of land adjacent to Faymonville plots is designed to secure future investment.

It is worth mentioning that in the past Faymonville extended their facility twice.
The last time, in March 2012 the building of an additional production hall. The hall is now finished and operated. Initially, Goleniów was to produce steel constructions
for heavy duty trailers. The production scope started growing and now the company assembles trailers. And so the production capacity of the Goleniów plant has been growing.