Festival afterparty in amphitheatre

The Rock Hard Ride Free festival, which filled the Goleniów Industrial Park
with music at the very beginning of summer holiday, is now history.
This, however, does not mark the end of active involvement of its organizers.
The Goleniów Bikers Association welcomes to the afterparty this time held
in the amphitheatre. The event is to take place on Friday 9th September.

Stars of the event include Night Crawlers, a Goleniów and Szczecin based supergroup consisting of Jarek Chilkiewicz, Olek Różanek, Sławek Łunkiewicz and Szymon Synówka. Hard rock and heavy metal covers will be presented featuring guest appearances.

The second guitar will be played by Iggy Gvadera, the Goleniów guitar wunderkind, trained by Chilkiewicz. Some pieces will feature the vocal of Titus, Igor’s friend
from Anti Tank Nun and an icon of the Polish metal who is known for his involvement in Acid Drinkers. Their participation has also been confirmed by Skaya and Ian Bemolator from the Szczecin based Quo Vadis. Talks are in progress
with other guests.

Before Night Crawlers the stage will be occupied by young guys from Slaveout,
a local band that was previously known as the Kids of Rock.

The Rock Hard Ride Free Afterparty has been organized chiefly for sponsors
and partners of the June festival. The event will be a musical thank you note for their support for this unprecedented artistic event in the heart of the Goleniów Industrial Park. Tickets are available for everyone interested and can be accessed
in the American Bar at 1 Barnima Street in Goleniów.