Fifty years, hundred decibels and three hundred tickets

The first Goleniów Rock City festival turned out to be success in terms of artistic performances and number of people attracted. On Saturday night, three hundred fans of hard rock enjoyed the concert of two local and two other Polish hard’n’heavy stars. It was loud, also due to a thunderstorm which highlighted the spirit of the night, as well as C.E.T.I. and Grzegorz Kupczyk.

The event was organized in the open air theatre by local hard rock fans, headed by Jacek Szambelan and Janusz Albrecht. Their support provided the Goleniów Culture House and Goleniów Municipality. On that day, Janusz Albrecht celebrated his fiftieth birthday and all bands (including Goleniów based Slaveout and Night Crawlers with Igor Gwadera, Warsaw based Exlibris and C.E.T.I. from Poznań) gave their performances as a birthday gift. Some guests came to attend the concert from other locations in the country and abroad, e.g. Munich. Even the heavy late night rain could not deter our rock fans.

Mayor Robert Krupowicz took the opportunity to announce plans for developing rock music infrastructure in Goleniów. Reading between the lines, it was clear that he meant restoration of the Rampa Club in the years to come. So far, another festival of Goleniów Rock City has been planned in summer next year, most probably to take place in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Talks are already in progress with selected European bands, well known to all fans of hard rock and heavy metal.

A moving moment that night was when Grzegorz Kupczyk, who in 2012 as the first rock musician was honoured by the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski with the Golden Cross of Merit for his exceptional contribution to national culture, sang an all-time hit of “Grown up Children”. This big hit, made by Turbo over thirty years ago, can be seen performed in Goleniów by clicking below.