First shovels in ground

The long awaited extension of sia Abrasives has started. Today, the first symbolic shovels shifted ground at the site of a production and warehousing facility. For the past several weeks civil engineering works have been going
on at a four hectares plot in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

The company, a member of the Bosch Group, is going to invest about PLN 80 million. It is also going to employ over 250 people which will make it the third largest employer in the Goleniów Industrial Park. In several months, this will result
in establishing the one of a kind centre of packaging and distribution of abrasives in Poland and Europe.

We decided to select the venue due to a very good logistics and very friendly attitude of the local government, said Martin Küper, Member of Board at sia Abrasives Polska Sp. z o.o.

Robert Bosch once said: “I do not pay good salaries because I have a lot of money.
I have a lot of money because I pay good salaries.” I hope it will be modus operandi which is still valid in companies comprising the Bosch Group,
said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów.

Goleniów will soon start building a new road in the GIP, a road which is going
not only to improve access to sia Abrasives but also provide access to new investment sites in the western part of the industrial park.