Flags in the industrial park

The National Flag Day is a good opportunity to review flags that are usually displayed in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Indeed, a number of different flags can be found, although the Polish flag prevails.

Companies in the Goleniów Industrial Park represent various industrial sectors
and countries of FDI origin. Out of over fifty companies operating in the GIP, as many as 20 are Polish. German and Danish businesses come second (10 companies each), and they represent actually the most active foreign investors in West Pomerania. The GIP also attracted businesses from the Netherlands (3), Belgium (2), Switzerland (2), the US (2) and Japan (2). Other countries represented included Sweden (1), Canada (1), South Korea and Thailand (1).

Countries listed above mark major FDI origin locations. A clear majority of companies has been established as limited liability entities. All of them can enjoy the same incentives offered by the special economic zone or the property tax exemption.