Four projects of the Cluster

The eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, an organization of e-commerce and logistics companies operating in the region, is working at full speed ahead. At the moment, the cluster is involved in various activities in four distinct areas: distribution, procurement, human capital and promotion.

The leader of the distribution project is Zbigniew Kempski, operations director at Prime Cargo. Their major challenge is to create a resilient network of links
in the view of limited working time of drivers.

The procurement project is led by Jacek Frydrych, head of Stylepit.
Talks are in progress with suppliers of packaging and the project considers placing joint orders as regards cleaning and personal protection products.

The human resource project, run by Robert Bauer from Fiege, focuses on solving
the issue of seasonal fluctuations of employment in companies participating
in the project. They plan to involve experts, namely recruitment agencies.

The promotion, both for the Cluster and the Municipality of Goleniów as an excellent location for investment in e-commerce, is coordinated by Paweł Bartoszewski, mayor’s advisor for GIP. Some of the immediate activities planned include participation in e-Commerce Berlin Expo (February 2017), fairs in Hannover
(Spring 2017) and a logistics conference in Hamburg (Q1 2017).