Barnim Gala

About five hundred guests attended the Thursday New Year’s meeting organized by the Mayor of Goleniów. It was an occasion to present awards distributed by the mayor among people and companies which made a valuable contribution to the community of Goleniów.

At the entrance to the venue, all guests were welcomed by Robert Krupowicz,
the Mayor, Łukasz Mituła, President of City Council, and deputy mayors. The meeting started with a short theatre performance by students from Special Schools
of Goleniów. Next, Mayor R. Krupowicz presented a summary of 2015 development. The year was marked with the abundance of events and investments, and the mayor elaborated on some of major projects. 2015 started a number of projects that will be continued in 2016 and later. The year of 2015 can be described as the year
of planning and preparation, and now the time has come to implement what we have planned,
said the mayor.

After the presentation of major achievements, the mayor presented awards. Barnim – a special award by the Mayor of Goleniów – went to Crown Packaging Sp. z o.o.
(for their development and “Goleniów spirit”), employees of Ikea Industry
(for sensitivity to community needs and funding of playground and cycling track) and “Invincible” Association (for efficiency in integrating people with disabilities).
An award of the mayor went also to Stok Emballering Poland Sp. z o.o. for 20 years
of their operation and integration with the local community and charity activity
in Goleniów.

The title of the Patron went to people and companies providing a valuable support to local culture, education, sport and social case. This year this category included: Kliniska Forest Administration, 3rd Logistics Battalion in Goleniów, Ikea Industry Poland Sp. z o.o., Katarzyna and Johannes Van Ansem representing Futrex Sp. z o.o. based in Żdżary, Arlena and Sebastian Szychulscy representing HSJ+ based
in Derkacz, ProGDar Marathon Team Association from Kliniska Wielkie, Asprod
Sp. z o.o. from Kliniska Wielkie, Urszula and Andrzej Wojtarowiczowie representing Karczma u Urszuli i Jędrka, Lesław Pawłowski representing Leo, Chemical Alliance Polska Sp. z o.o., Jewellery Shop of Marek Koźluk, Netto Sp. z o.o., JF Duet s.c., Olimp Restaurant, Villa Park Restaurant, Leon and Jerzy Patraszewscy, Aldona Dudek representing Pierogarnia u Aldony and Bank Spółdzielczy in Goleniów.

Joanna Stanuch with her band, composed of musicians from Goleniów, gave a music performance to celebrate the New Year’s meeting between the local government
and citizens. Recently, Joanna released her first album, and the concert included solely songs from the album. The release was supported by the Goleniów Municipality.

After the official part, attendees of the event enjoyed food and refreshments served, as well as took the opportunity to discuss things in a more relaxed atmosphere.