Gazelles and Diamonds

A Goleniów-based Dancoal Sp. z o.o. receives the Forbes’ Diamond award
for the third time during its less than ten years of operation.

This year, like in the previous one, the company was ranked 8th
in the Westpomeranian Region among medium-sized companies (income
of PLN 50-250 million), with the 2016 income of PLN 98.3 million and a net profit
of PLN 8 million.

‘It is a very good news, in particular for shareholders, since the ranking assesses
the growth of the company value based on the Swiss methodology’
, said Tadeusz Redmann, the President of Board at Dancoal Sp. z o.o. The Swiss company valuation method highlights the capacity of a company to generate income and puts more emphasis on non-asset components, including goodwill.

‘Undoubtedly, our market is no longer a niche, since outdoor grill parties is one
of the simplest and cheapest ways of leisure. A statistical citizen of the EU designates increasingly more time for outdoor grilling not only during the summer season. Moreover, they tend to spend more funding for the activity’,
said Mariusz Czechowski, Member of Board at Dancoal, in his interview for Forbes. ‘Goods sold
in the sector are mostly brands of our clients. The company exports its products
to German, Austrian, British, Dutch, Danish and Swedish markets, as well as to Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Dancoal, the Goleniów-based charcoal producer, received yet another award which is again the title of the 2017 Business Gazelle for a rapid increase in income. ‘It was
a particularly pleasant surprise for us since we received the title and the statuette
of the 2017 Super Business Gazelle. It means that we are the most rapidly growing company among small and medium-sized businesses in the Westpomeranian Region in the past five years’
, said Tadeusz Redmann.

Citizens of Goleniów can also be proud of an award by Forbes that went to yet another local company, namely PIW JMB Sp. z o.o. The company, owned by Edward Jarlaczyński and based in Budno, was ranked first by Forbes in the same category
as Dancoal (medium-sized companies) and 8th in the country with a 2016 increase
of 111.32%.