Goleniów Athletics Park

International sport stars in Goleniów, an attempt to break Polish record
in hurdles and professional competition in about ten events are the main objectives for the light athletics meeting of the Goleniów Athletics Park 2018.

Despite its modest size, Goleniów has produced such wold-class talents as Krystian Zalewski, Ewa Durska and Michał Rozmys. The Goleniów Athletics Park 2018
is the first of a series international light athletics meeting included in the event schedule of the European Athletic Association. The tournament takes one day and is scheduled on Wednesday 20 June 2018 at the Goleniów stadium at 25 Sportowa Street.

It is not a coincident that the name of the event is associated with the Goleniów Industrial Park, said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. One of the goals behind the event is to integrate Goleniów-based companies within the formula
of a prestige sporting event. The Goleniów Athletics Park 2018 is going to be the top European and world profile event. No doubt, our city deserves such an event.

The GAP will include professional events: 3-4 GOLD events, 4-5 SILVER events
and 2-3 BRONZE events. We expect top Polish and European light athletics representatives. An attempt will be made to break the Polish record in hurdles.
The goal of the event is to meet entry standards for the European Championship Berlin 2018. Amateurs and children will also enjoy competing
with each other. The expected attendance should be around 3-4 thousand spectators.