Goleniów flies high!

Ninth place in the nation-wide ranking of urban and rural communes
(out of 611) and a leap from the 22nd position in 2014. This has been
the assessment of our commune in the 13th Competition of Local Government Sustainable Development.

For several years now, the ranking has been provided by the Warsaw University
of Technology in cooperation with the Teraz Polska Foundation and the Committee of Local Government and Regional Policy of the Polish Parliament. The ranking is headed by prof. Eugeniusz Sobczak, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences
of the WUT. The project is designed to develop foundations for methodical monitoring of the sustainable socio-economic development of communes
and provinces and promoting the development based on proved models and good examples.

The ranking is based on independent information from the Chief Statistical Office and cover all communes in Poland with breakdown into urban, urban and rural
and rural ones, as well as cities having a county status. This year, the analysis covered fifteen indicators to determine communes of the most sustainable
socio-economic development.

Goleniów stands out in the group of the first ten urban and rural communes, accompanied by Dziwnów, Polkowice, Stryków and Niepołomice. Goleniów
has improved the majority of the fifteen indicators, including the number of people employed per one thousand citizens (from 302 to 322 respectively in 2014 and 2015), number of unemployed per one thousand citizens (from -30 to -25) and the number of businesses per one thousand citizens (from 126 to 127). Goleniów made
an imposing leap as regards spending on investment projects per inhabitant
(from PLN 960 to PLN 1842). We also recorded a positive migration, which means that more people come to live in Goleniów than leave it.

A statuette was presented to mayor Robert Krupowicz during a gala held
in the Column Hall of the Polish Parliament yesterday. I am most glad that
we have built the high position in the ranking and the real robust standing
of the commune based on resilient foundations, said the mayor. We have neither rich natural resources nor the coastal location that can guarantee success in tourism. Our assets are the people, citizens of Goleniów, their entrepreneurial spirit
and creativity.