Goleniów Hard Rock Park

For the very first time in history West Pomerania will be the place
for an important hard’n’heavy event, which will be heard of in whole Poland, part of Germany and partly in Scandinavia. Back in 1983, when Saxon’s vocalist Biff Byford sang „This town knows how to rock” he wasn’t aware that he was singing about Goleniów. Goleniów Bikers Association is planning to undertake what is necessary to make him aware of this fact very soon. But above all it wants thousands of rock fans, who used their compasses to carve Saxon logos on their school desks back in ’83, to hear this British legend play live. Provided that the music will not be deafened by motorcycle roar.

Rock Hard Ride Free – Gole\n/iów Rock City 2016 is a two-day hard rock open air festival combined with a motorcycle rally planned for 24-25 June 2016 in Goleniów. The venue, which are greenfields in Goleniów Industrial Park, guarantees excellent conditions for 2-3 thousand festival guests, with minimum disturbance to citizens and investors. The organizers estimate attendance based on motorcycle rally visitors, Westpomeranian hard’n’heavy music fans and Polish and foreign fans. How to invite such a number of people to come to Goleniów to a rock festival?

Artists, the organizers are aiming at, belong to the major league of European
hard rock and heavy metal. Bands which in mid 80’s of the previous century
(peak of hard’n’heavy music popularity) filled huge concerts halls and festivals all around the world. Today many of them are not only still alive, but also regularly release records, keeping high artistic level. Artists, who still send shivers down
the spines of thousands of fans in our country, eagerly accept concert offers,
of course if specified standards are upheld by organizers.

Headliner of the second festival day, organized with the support from Goleniów Municipality, will be the above mentioned band SAXON. This legendary crew,
one of the leaders of so called New Wave of British Heavy Metal, this year celebrates its 40th (!) anniversary. Twenty-two studio albums, thousands of concerts played all around the world and fifteen million records sold speak for themselves.

Apart from Saxon, two centrepiecies of Maltanese doom metal have confirmed
so far: Forsaken and Nomad Son. In the same breath there are several more renowned foreign bands in talks. The lineup will be filled also with our domestic hard’n’heavy stars, which certainly won’t refuse the offer of opening for European giants, but also with our local Westpomeranian heroes, including Iggy Gvadera
and Night Crawlers. All in all on the main stage, during two days, a dozen or so artists will perform. The small stage will be occupied by young, talented disciples
of guitar plugged to an amplifier, from West Pomerania and the rest of the country. Please follow new bands to be announced soon on Facebook fanpage and www.rockhardridefree.pl website.

Rock Hard Ride Free – Gole\n/iów Rock City 2016 will be organized by Goleniów Bikers Association, which consists of individuals having quite an experience
in organizing both motorcycle rallys for hundreds and open air rock concerts.
The main aim the organizers share is to take their actions to a higher level
and a good motorcycle rally just can’t do without a good rock concert.

Rock Hard Ride Free – Gole\n/iów Rock City 2016 open air obtained honorary patronage from the Westpomeranian Marshal. The festival is supported by:
BIC Electric, BTS, Drobimex, Faymonville, Fedeńczak, Fiege, Goleniów Community Centre, Goleniów Water and Sewage, HG Poland, Heat Supply Company in Goleniów, HKL Dekoracja Okien, Idea HR, Klippan Safety, Lorenshill, Multi-Projekt, Prime Cargo, Racto, Serwach, sia Abrasives, Villa Park and West Pomerania.