Goleniów-West interchange to be rebuilt

The several year effort made by Mayor Robert Krupowicz to rebuild
the Goleniów-West interchange has finally succeeded. The interchange
will be widened and a new exit will be made to access a large plot of land previously inaccessible by public roads.

The rebuilding of the interchange is necessary, inter alia, to enable the transport
of wind turbine blades manufactured by Goleniów-based LM Wind Power
(for this reason rebuilding of junction of GIP support road and regional road no. 111 is in progress).

At the same time, a public road access has been developed to a sizable plot of land between the Ina River, S3 expressway and the extension of Wojska Polskiego Street. The General National Roads and Motorways Directorate (GDDKiA) changed their position and agreed to connect an additional public road to the Goleniów-West interchange. The new public road provides access to the above mentioned plot
of land which is in part private and in part municipal property. This will promote
the development of what was previously inaccessible land and open it
for investment.

The GDDKiA is responsible for designing and they will also be an investor
for the entire project.