From January on, GIP gains new web image

The Goleniów Industrial Park will soon have a new image in the Internet. Work is in progress to develop a professional website. Yesterday, on 14th September, final photographs were taken during photographic sessions in four selected manufacturing companies.

From January next year, intuitive web addresses of www.goleniow.biz and www.goleniow.business, respectively for the Polish and the English versions of the website, everyone interested will find an interactive portal of the industrial park. Apart from typical functionalities such as a list of investors, contact information and news, the website will include for instance an interactive map of investment plots. The website will also include “success stories” of several investors from Goleniów, who participated in the Monday photographic session.

Undoubtedly, the strength of the portal will be based on professional pictures made by a highly appreciated artist from Szczecin, known as Miss Lu. Music background will be provided by a master guitar player from Goleniów Jarek Chilkiewicz. His music will be included for instance in a three minutes video promoting the business offer of West Pomerania, including the Goleniów Industrial Park.