Ikea is going to send more furniture to the world from Goleniów

Already in January 2017, the company owned by the Swedish furniture group will gain additional 5.7 thousand m2 of warehouse space in the logistics
and production facility provided by Prologis.

The building of a new hall for Ikea Industry in the Goleniów Industrial Park
has started in September to coincide with yet another stage of expanding
the Prologis Park Szczecin by additional 19 thousand m2. The new hall is designed
to connect with the existing warehouse space of 13 thousand m2 rented by Ikea Industry. The new hall will replace two smaller warehouses, one in Resko
and another in the vicinity of the Goleniów Industrial Park.

Once the investment is completed, Ikea will gain 19 thousand m2 of warehouse space of maximum volume 29 thousand m3. The space is going to be used
for the storage of ready-made products, namely furniture manufactured in Goleniów and Stepnica plants. According to Ewa Cander-Karolewska, Communications Manager Poland Ikea Industry Communications, the monthly flow of goods
in the warehouse will translate into 25 thousand pallets.

The decision on consolidating warehouse space was made by the Goleniów branch of Ikea Industry several months ago. The change is designed primarily to increase direct delivery to retail outlets from the current 45% to at least 60%. The delivery system will provide for a shorter turnaround of goods in logistics centres and faster dispatch to retail outlets. This will translate into reduced transport demand,
and consequently smaller emission to the environment which is very important considering the Ikea sustainable development policy,
said Ewa Cander-Karolewska.

Furniture from the warehouse in the Goleniów Industrial Park is sent out to markets of Europe, North America, Asia and Pacific and Russia. In the Westpomeranian Region, Ikea Industry manufactures furniture made from solid wood. One plant operates in the centre of Goleniów, whereas the second one, together with a sawmill, is based in Stepnica. Additionally, the company has a plywood factory in Resko
and operates a sawmill in Chociwel, all situated in the same region. In total, Ikea Industry employs about 2.6 thousand people in the region.

Ikea Industry is a production part of Ikea, a member of Inter Ikea, manufacturing solid wood and wooden board furniture for Ikea. The Swedish company has its plants in ten countries in the world, and a half of the production is based in Poland – in total 16 plants in 13 locations employing nearly 10 thousand people.