Immeasurable talent brings you the Municipality of Goleniów

‘For years immeasurable world class talent, from all walks of life,
has been brought to you by the Municipality of Goleniów’
– Jenny Crissey, Brama Theatre, summarises a new promotional video for Goleniów

The shot put by Ewa Durska from the Goleniów stadium to… the Lubczyna-based marina. Radek Kowalczyk struggling with no wind at Lake Dąbie. Weronika Miadiełko fighting with shadows at a concrete hull vessel. Piotr Serwach landing on the roof
of a plant in the GIP to be abducted by actors from the Brama Theatre. Patryk Kusiak trying to regain his creative powers. Paweł Cięszczyk working as a waiter in the Kino-kawiarnia Café and Cinema serving drinks to Chilek and Iggy. Franek Harbacewicz and Krystian Zalewski rushing through the city. Such accumulation of celebrities
from Goleniów was only possible in a three-minute promotional video for Goleniów, developed to celebrate 750 anniversary of the city charter. The music track was produced by Jarek Chilkiewicz. The video has been developed in Polish and English.

The preview of the video took place on Thursday morning in the Goleniów Cinema-Cafe. Mayor Robert Krupowicz presented special Oscar-like statuettes to actors
or their relatives, in the case of celebrities who could not attend the event. Everyone contributing to the video was invited. Jarek Chilkiewicz and Iggy Gwadera provided music background for the ceremony.

‘The video has been developed for inhabitants of the Goleniów Municipality. It will be used to strengthen their local identity by reminding everyone about exceptionally talented citizens’, said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor. ‘The video will be also used
as a promotional tool to attract new citizens and employees to the GIP,
as well as new investors’.

From today on, the video is available at YouTube and the websites of Goleniów. Beginning with the Goleniów Birthday (30th June), the video will be presented during local festivities. In July, a paid promotion campaign should start on Facebook targeting inhabitants of West Pomerania and not only. The video can be watched
at the local cinema before every film.