Inauguration of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania

In an industrial setting, founding members of the first Goleniów-based cluster officially started the operation of the cluster. On 12th May, Prime Cargo,
a company based in the Goleniów Industrial Park, attracted all parties interested in establishing of the cluster association.

The event also attracted representatives of business, science, local government
and journalists.

It should be emphasized that our cluster has not been established to resort
to external funding promoting cluster activity. In fact, it was a bottom-up initiative
of its founding members, e-commerce businesses based in Goleniów and Szczecin, 
said Zbigniew Kempski, who on that day performed three roles: Chairman of the Cluster, Director of Prime Cargo and the host of the event. Even though we compete with each other, either for clients or employees, we recognize the need
and possibility of cooperation in various other areas. We have much in common,
but perhaps the most important common denominator which made us pooling our resources in the cluster has been e-commerce. Our cluster includes small and large businesses, both global players and local family-owned companies, as well as Polish companies and those with foreign interest. We all recognize benefits of acting together.

In my opinion, the e-commerce sector is a rising star among sectors comprising
the Goleniów economy
, said the Mayor of Goleniów Robert Krupowicz. While doing shopping at portals operated by Stylepit, Bestseller or Zalando, we commence
a logistic process which has its beginning in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

The vision, mission, objectives and activities of the cluster were presented by other founding members, such as Jacek Frydrych and Agata Wilińska-Onyśko (Stylepit), Sebastian Świątek (PDC Logistics), Daniel Kownacki (Oscar Technology) and Joanna Bańda (HKL Dekoracje Okien). The group of founding members of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania also included Piotr Wróblewski (Postpac), Robert Bauer (Fiege) and Zbigniew Olech (SDO).

Previously, the activity of the association focused on leasing of competences, swapping palettes in transport, process laboratory, leasing of warehouse space,
PR in nation-wide media (Puls Biznesu and Gazeta Wyborcza), and participation
in education and job fairs. In the nearest future, the cluster intends to set up
a purchase group, build information exchange IT platform, jointly participate
in foreign economic missions and provide support for new investors in the sector.

The beautiful face of the corporate social responsibility campaign of the cluster
is Stine Kvorning, manager at Prime Cargo. During the 12th May event, the cluster collected toys for children in need. Culture and gambling were also a part
of the Thursday celebration when prizes started to be drawn, including tickets
for Rock Hard Ride Free 2016, a rock festival organized at the end of June
in the Goleniów Industrial Park.