IPA half way through

It is worth noting the development of the Institution for Professional Activity which is going to provide 115 jobs for people with disabilities. The building is already in place and it is imposing.

The IPA will operate on a market basis, which means that income and cost will have to match. Its total profit will be designated for the main statutory goal,
i.e. the rehabilitation of its employees. The Municipality of Goleniów (IPA investor) will not derive any profit from the venture. The objective is to provide jobs for people for whom it is difficult to find jobs elsewhere due to various dysfunction and are
at risk of social exclusion. Work in the ZAZ will create an opportunity to earn some money, benefit from rehabilitation classes, and their families will enjoy a break
in providing care for several hours.

The opening of the IPA is scheduled early 2019. As we can see in the pictures, buildings are already there, roofed, and work progresses indoors. In parallel, internal roads and car parks are built. Soon, finishing works will start together
with the installation of equipment. The company will provide various services, mainly for businesses based in the GIP (e.g. working overalls laundry, carwash, catering, green maintenance, simple fitting and dismantling services).